Saturday, January 8, 2011

WOW its been a long time.......

it has been soooo long sice i posted last!!! and we hhave been up to sooo much! hmmmm where to start??? well we November was a busy month Thanksgiving we had quiet a few one early one because my Brother Korey got his mission call he left Nov. 15 2010 to Louisville, KY im so proud of him that he went he was a little scarred and it was sad to have him leave but i know he will be a good missionary.

December...... well december was a super busy month that felt like it flew by sooo fast december was the month of shopping, giving, and lots of family time. also it was my birthday the 23rd....... ramone surprised me with dinner and a nice cold night of walking around looking at temple lights and sipping on hot cocoa. it was the best birthday.

Christmas in Kayenta,
we got to go up to visit ramones mom and dad for christmas.... we were hoping for snow but no such luck. it was so fun just to get away and bein the mountains. we got to go visit ramones little cousin just 16days old her names is jamie soooo cute and made me really want one well kinda..... someday.

Ramone and me chipped in to buy his granny a wagon to help her in here daily chores up at her hogon. she really does alot hauls hay, coal. feeds sheep and we just thought it would be a good idea to help her.. she was so excited.

taking it for a spin..... giving ramone a ride down the hill.

New Years......
well new years was so fun this year we got to go to mill ave and see jimmy eat world to bring in the New Year. We went out with my sis in law bobbi and her boyfriend uval it was lots of fun.

A super cool co-worker of mine gave me some zoo lights tickets and i got a chance to take all my brothers and sisters to the zoo to see the lights. it was so much fun the kids had a ball we got to pet the sting rays and walk around and see all the millions and millions of lights , and watching the light shows the kids loved being outside and being able to ride the camel. thanks Peter it was so much fun the kids thank u to even "frank" lol

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