Saturday, January 8, 2011

WOW its been a long time.......

it has been soooo long sice i posted last!!! and we hhave been up to sooo much! hmmmm where to start??? well we November was a busy month Thanksgiving we had quiet a few one early one because my Brother Korey got his mission call he left Nov. 15 2010 to Louisville, KY im so proud of him that he went he was a little scarred and it was sad to have him leave but i know he will be a good missionary.

December...... well december was a super busy month that felt like it flew by sooo fast december was the month of shopping, giving, and lots of family time. also it was my birthday the 23rd....... ramone surprised me with dinner and a nice cold night of walking around looking at temple lights and sipping on hot cocoa. it was the best birthday.

Christmas in Kayenta,
we got to go up to visit ramones mom and dad for christmas.... we were hoping for snow but no such luck. it was so fun just to get away and bein the mountains. we got to go visit ramones little cousin just 16days old her names is jamie soooo cute and made me really want one well kinda..... someday.

Ramone and me chipped in to buy his granny a wagon to help her in here daily chores up at her hogon. she really does alot hauls hay, coal. feeds sheep and we just thought it would be a good idea to help her.. she was so excited.

taking it for a spin..... giving ramone a ride down the hill.

New Years......
well new years was so fun this year we got to go to mill ave and see jimmy eat world to bring in the New Year. We went out with my sis in law bobbi and her boyfriend uval it was lots of fun.

A super cool co-worker of mine gave me some zoo lights tickets and i got a chance to take all my brothers and sisters to the zoo to see the lights. it was so much fun the kids had a ball we got to pet the sting rays and walk around and see all the millions and millions of lights , and watching the light shows the kids loved being outside and being able to ride the camel. thanks Peter it was so much fun the kids thank u to even "frank" lol

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well it looks to me that the dream of buying a house is out of the question. so we are going to HOPEFULLY be moving into a super cute house i found and renting for a while. its in Mesa and it is a adorable 3 bed 2 bath house just big enough for us! Now i can work on Ramone getting into school and then after that i can find MY DREAM HOUSE!! i didnt want to be rushed anyways and didnt want to just settle you know? Not all of us have the money right now even though i wish that i did. but im happy and not to mention i love the price that we found this house at only 650.00 a month perfect for ppl trying to save money! well we still have jeff and we are waiting on the pollygraph to come back!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


WOW! its been so long since i have posted anything...... well that is because we are soooo busy trying to bust our butts to get a house we want it sooooooo bad but for every step that we have taken forward we have taken like 2 back.... just frustrating.well lets see what has been going on? well im trying to start my own cleaning Biz i have business cards and everything so if you or anyone that you know needs house cleaning done im your girl! Front

i am a really hard reliable worker so give me a call! well things here have been going ok we are still living with my sis-in-law and her bf and it does get frustrating at times. even though we are never home!! but that just makes us want that house soooooo much more.

Ramone and I have not been along since we got married so i in a way hope that jeff gets to go home soon so we can have that time together until we start a family ... NO this is not a way of me telling everyone i am Pregnant sorry someday but not now. Ramone needs to get into school and hopefully finish first.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

fourth of july weekend!

so my cousins had this Giant sacata tortoise and he went into hibernation and never came out .... he died and so my gross cousins dug up the shell and the skull and cleaned them and kept them it is kinda cool the turtle was bigger then a Basket ball!

it looks good huh???
this is the bow guard that i got Ramone for his birthday it is really cool it is navajo tradition for the men to wear it on there left side i designed it and my father in law made it Ramone loves batman so i had the batman sign put on it too

Ramone and I Tired after a long hot day

Me, Ramone and Meryl his sister at the pizzaria

he won a trophy and a gift certificate and 50$

Ramone entered the adult wing eatting contest and won ha ha

kids hot wing contest sorry blury

we wone most patriotic commercial float!

the whole crew outside the family pizzaria.

the crew who built the float

Emilie AKA Lady liberty

Ramone AKA Uncle sam

Ramone and i got vollenteered to ride on the float and mbe Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty ha ha

the then=me to the parade was America the beautiful we had alot of diffrent things from around America.

James starting our wonderful masterpiece

this is the tee pee that i made all by myself for the float prettyt good huh???

wow its been a while since i have blogged about anything. well ill let everyone in on whats new with the Nez family! so this past week i got to go on vacation i went to Page, Az to go visit family it was pretty fun to see my cousins that i havent seen in a long time! i went up there on monday and my mother in-law came to pick me up Thursday. we drove to Kayenta and i stayed there to help out at the piuzzaria and help out with the float and all that fun stuff. Ramone and Sampsone came up friday night.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The trip to Kayenta a few weeks back!

Ramones dad took us all around Kayenta to see all the diffrent rock formations it was so pretty. we saved this Horny Toad from being eatten by a cat in navajo way it means good luck he was so cute!

we went up to Grannys Hogon and got to visit , help heard sheep and had lunch!

Ramone, sammy and granny ridding on the back of the truck.

its been sooooooo long since i blogged and i have been up to alot of stuff. so here it goes. a few weeks ago we got the chance to go to kayenta for the weekend it was so much fun adn it was ssampsons first trip to the rez he slept the whole way there and back. we had alot of fun and the weather was PERFECT!!!! here are some pics. we got to go help grannyt Heard sheep and sam was soooo interested in them they werent very happy with him when he was helping heard ha ha he just sat at the gate and watched them for a long time! he got to meet his grandma (aka Ramones mom) and his Great granny (aka ramones grandma)So Sampson has this blanket that i used for him when he was a baby it is a silk pastele purple blanket that is his he nurses on it and has for a while now he gets so mad when ramone tries to take it away from him. but he is so cute with it.

family and friends